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Handmade Pottery and Ceramics


We are The Urban Kiln, a contemporary handmade pottery and ceramics store in Richmond, Virginia, offering decorative tableware and home decor that reflects the grand celebration of life. Showcasing the work of ceramic artist Shalan Dere, our handmade pottery (stoneware and porcelain), whether it is ceramic tableware or unique home accent pieces is crafted from traditional pottery techniques, then styled with a dash of modern sophistication. Inspired by nature, every piece is handmade and has an unique feel and look!

From hands, heart, to your home

The home goods market brims with a monotonous sameness, but The Urban Kiln wants you to have something that is remarkably singular. Our handmade decorative ceramic bowlsceramic mugs  and ceramic plates exude the warmth of human touch and the imaginative artistry of the potter. Our dynamic sculptural work ; figures and wall murals add another dimension to your home elevating the aesthetic look. You can see it in the well-formed shape, in every brushstroke, every textural detail, which makes one aware of the immense love and labor that is intrinsic to handmade artisan pottery.

Yours to get, yours to gift

The Urban Kiln lauds the remarkable bliss of togetherness—in dining, entertaining, home decor or thoughtful gifting. From vibrantly glazed handmade ceramic cups that carry your favorite tea, to intricately hand painted ceramic dinnerware that serve your heirloom dishes, we bring you the beauty of bespoke, adding a hint of sentiment to your everyday objects.

Here at The Urban Kiln, we blend the aesthetics of modern living to traditional art, giving you the best of both worlds: the warmth of artisan stoneware, and contemporary designs made to be loved by every generation.

Fill your home and complete your table setting with handcrafted pottery from The Urban Kiln!  Shop at The Urban Kiln for unique pottery gifts!



Designed and handcrafted by Shalan Dere, we bring to you an exquisite array of artisanal pottery that will chime in a feeling of togetherness, romance and pure happiness in every occasion.

Our inspiration comes from nature, people and ever longing love. It’s where tradition meets trends and dreams turn into realities.

Customer Love


I got a beautiful dinner plate set from Urban Kiln and admire the colors chosen, design and can’t express the impeccable talent and creativity of Mrs. Shalan Dere’s pottery. Thank You for this special dining addition to my collection. 

This was a sentimental purchase for me. Acquiring pieces created by Potter Shalan Dere and her daughter Kalyani was a special thrill because of how long I’ve known these two creative geniuses!
The pieces were everything I imagined they would be— distinctive, sophisticated and whimsical. I love the way they add color and cheerfulness to my dining table. Count me as a huge fan!

~Swapna Venugopal


Something for every Space

Our handmade ceramics are not just tableware and dinnerware. We also offer a variety of handcrafted home décor products such as sculptures, wall murals, wall décor, entryway décor, vases and lots more.

Browse through our decorative collection and find something for your own space.

Plants and Pottery

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