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Handmade Pottery and the Farm to Table Movement

The farm to table movement has been popular for some time, but in recent years, even more people are joining in. This movement goes beyond simply buying organic foods, as people are also turning to handmade pottery. People realize they want to know where their food… and tableware… comes from, and how it’s being sourced.

What is the Farm to Table Movement?

It’s helpful to briefly talk about what farm to table actually means since it can mean different things to different people. In general, it means that the food being served came directly from a farm, and did not pass through a distributor, store, or market along the way. In other words, the food is locally-sourced and farm-fresh, rather than mass-produced.

How Does This Relate to Handmade Pottery?

Most people purchase organic foods because they want to know where their food is coming from, and how it’s been treated. As you know, organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This is important to protect your family from consuming too many of these trace substances over time.

You may not have to worry about pesticides, but mass-produced tableware can include potentially harmful chemicals in its substrate or glazing. Sustainability and ethical sourcing also come into play. The fact is, when tableware is produced in large amounts, it often occurs in conjunction with working conditions and ethics that are questionable. So, rather than support such dishonorable conditions, many are choosing to buy from small, local pottery companies.

Advantages of Handmade Pottery

There are many advantages to choosing handmade pottery plates, handmade pottery mugs, and more. Here are a few to consider:

Each Piece is Unique

Every piece of handmade pottery is unique in its own way. When you compare each item, you’ll notice differences that are subtle, yet distinct. It’s amazing how the smallest imperfections or variances can add character to a handmade pottery set. Handmade pottery mugs and handmade pottery plates become more than function pieces; they become table décor.

You Are Supporting an Artist

Not only are you supporting an artist, but you’re also helping small business. This leaves you with a sense of doing something good, as you are helping someone live their dream. When you buy mass-produced items, you’re supporting a big business that often cares more about its bottom line than more important things, like the environment and happy work environments.

Your Food Tastes Better

Okay, this one may be far-fetched, but we think food really tastes better on handmade pottery plates. This could be because they were made by human hands, or maybe it has something to do with the feeling of eating off dishes that come from natural origins. Whatever the reason, you’ll quickly notice food tastes richer and looks more inviting on handmade pottery tableware.

It’s More Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendliness is perhaps the greatest advantage of choosing handmade pottery. If you are going to spend more money on food that’s eco-friendly, why wouldn’t you want to serve it on tableware that fits the same category? Since these items are not mass-produced, the environment is spared in more ways than one. Just think, a smaller pottery company creates much less waste than a factory that pumps thousands of pieces per day out of their assembly lines.

Regardless of why you choose to buy handmade pottery tableware or organic foods, the important thing is that you are playing a part in supporting artistry and the planet. Once you’ve chosen your first set of handmade pottery mugs or handmade pottery plates, you’ll be hooked. We’re certain you’ll never go back to mass-produced tableware.

Imagine your next dinner party with these amazing handmade pottery plates or your morning coffee with these handmade pottery mugs!

The Urban Kiln is a contemporary handmade pottery and ceramics store in Richmond, Virginia. We showcase the beautiful artistry of Mumbai-based potter Shalan Dere, owner of Potter's Place. Every piece of decorative tableware is made by hand, making each as unique as the person who owns it.

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