Handmade Blue Ceramic Tea Set - 5 pieces Handmade Pottery Tea Pot and 4 Tea Cups

Handmade Ceramic Aqua Zen Tea Set

SKU: TUK2002


Handmade Pottery/Ceramic gorgeous Aqua Zen Tea Set is 100% handmade on the wheel and has 4 pieces- A Tea pot and 4 Tea Cups 


All pieces are in a stunning bright blue glaze on the outside. The Tea pot has a beige glaze inside while the tea cups have deep blue glaze. The glazing is done using a brush.


Teapot Size: Height : 4.5 inches, Circumference : 14 inches 

Teapot Volume 16 Oz 


Tea Cup Size : Height : 2 inches, Circumference: 3 inches 
Tea Cups Volume 2 Oz 


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